Born in 1946, Aung Myint, often referred to as the godfather of Myanmar contemporary art, is the eldest of our artists.  A leading light in the Rangoon art scene since the 1980’s and founder of the trailblazing Inya Art Gallery, his work is now held in a number of collections internationally.


He has been painting in a distinct semi–abstract style since the early 1970s. The artist’s paintings have always been spontaneous reactions to the canvas and have emphasized three elements: dimension, line and colour. And these are the essentials by which he infuses the subconscious or "unconscious emotional value", as the artist likes to say, into his works.
Mother and child motifs are a subject matter the artist revisits time and again and which hold special meaning; Aung Myint lost his mother at the tender age of four. His artistic practice also extends to installation and performance art.  

We show here both his iconic “Mother and Child’ series and paintings from his Red and Black series. Red was a “forbidden” colour under the junta and as he says himself “People hate black because they think it means something bad, but I love it. Black is pure and sincere. It absorbs all the other colours, it’s very tolerant”.