We therefore established Akroyd Art with the aim of becoming the key conduit through which contemporary Myanmar artists can find greater representation and have a long-term platform on which to showcase their work and convey their message in this country.


AKroyd Art and burma

After a life changing trip to this extraordinary country the Directors of Akroyd Art, Tilly and Simon Akroyd, returned to London and were surprised by the apparent lack of accessibility and poor representation of Burmese contemporary art in this country.  Given the historic connections and our own multi-cultural society, this was disheartening.

Over the years, there have been a number of one-off projects and exhibitions which have introduced some of the leading Myanmar artists but there is no art organisation that concentrates soley on this exciting art scene and is committed to doing so for the long term.



We remain apolitical and simply want a broad range of artists to express their individual histories, messages and their reaction to current issues through their work and therefore add greater context to, and understanding of, what Myanmar has to offer beyond the sometime myopic media output. Where appropriate we hope to work with other agencies and organisations that wish to promote Myanmar for what it is.... a beautiful and complex country in the middle of a juddering journey from incarceration to freedom.

We have a gallery in our house where we are happy to show, by appointment, works by the artists on this website.  This will enable those interested to see their preferred works in a relaxed atmosphere as well as seeing them hung in a variety of "home" situations. 

We hope you enjoy what you see and please do make contact by emailing us on the address below: