Min Zaw


Min Zaw was born in 1972 in Yangon and was educated at the State School of Fine Art.  Originally concentrating on watersolous, Min Zaw has been developing both the range of mediums he uses as well as the subject matter.  His most recent exhibition was a series of collages using cut and crumpled paper.  He recently 

Min Zaw, along with Hein Thit and NCS, was one of the founder members of the Studio Square gallery, a leading art space in downton Yangon. Together they have been a leading light in developing and encouraging the contemporary art scene.

Min Zaw had a greater influence on the young through his work as a cartoonist.  He was the writer and illustrator of the hugely popular strip cartoon Bo Bo about a small boy and his extra-terrestrial friend.




MinZaw is perhaps best known for his "Woman" and "Ordinary People" paintings which are inspired by the early temple paintings the artist see when he makes his annual pilgrimage to Bagan,

We are delighted that Min Zaw has completed a new series exclusively for us, taking the same tranquil and elegant figures and adding some more recognisable western iconography. A striking combination of bold colours, exquisite simple lines and strong symbols that will be recognisable to a a western audience.