Kaung Su


Kuang Su


Kaung Su was born in Yangon, Myanmar. Between 1991-94, he studied painting at local artist Pyi Soe Myint,and attended briefly Yangon’s State School Of Fine Arts. He has been a regular participant in numberous group exhibitions both Myanmar and abroad, since 1995, as well as in performance art. In 2001, he had his very first one-man exhibition at Lawkanat Gallery in Yangon. He always created experimental canvases in earthly tones and combined oil, emulsion, acrylic, enamel with diverse materials such as woods, pieces of plate, plaster powder and shellac. In 2008, Kaung Su moved away from his “real me” in order to take up more universal subject matters, dealing with cosmic disasters, climate affairs, human caused-problems around us and Astrophilosophy. He also created his installations with using wood, animal bones, neon lights and wide variety of other materials. He also has been closely associated with the medium of video since 2009. In 2008, he stayed for one month in Chiang Mai as resident artist , supported by Heinrich Boll Foundation (Germany).


New Vision Award” for short film (“The Butchery Day”), Wathan Film Festival (2011), Yangon.He had organized three art exchange programs that “Ongoing Echoes”, international Art  exchange Project 2009 to 2011, and also participated  in other foreign art biennales/ festivals and projects.  Kaung Su also has been actively involved in arts management and teaching abstract course. In 2012 and again in 2015, he stayed  for a month in Manhattan as the inbound resident artist with the Apexart foundation in Manhattan, NYC.


“The human race is becoming a disease,” says the artist. “The anthropocentric world view is like a gas leak – we don’t smell it but it is killing us silently. Human activities are responsible for natural pollutants. We must think of ourselves not as individuals but as a species.”